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1、Product planning:
      For many years the famous bamboo products brand elite R & D team to join, and has rich resources, make the products more competitive in the market.
2、The supply of commodities:
      Strong production capacity and scientific production management, quality guarantee sufficient supply, join a greater customer profitability.
3、Risk assessment:
     Company in a professional experience, put forward the concrete suggestion to join investors should berth, for franchisees make a choice whether.
4、Terminal support:
      The company has a strong sales and service team, providing guidance on goods and promotional materials, promotional support scheme.
5、Brand promotion:
      The executive ability of professional planning company and integration mode of transmission to the terminal sales strong support.
6、Business protection:
      Exclusive business, regional distribution and preventive measures of execution strictly, ensure the joining customer profitability.
7、Join in the form:
      Take a variety of business cooperation, join and entrust management flexible mode of operation.
1、Exclusive operating rights in the region, to avoid vicious competition;
2、Provide timely market information, to win market opportunities;
3、The system of professional training and good service system;
4、Adequate supply and promote the practical and effective method;
5、Unified image of the store, product innovative fashion design, advanced management mode, flexible business strategy.
1、Management advantage:
      Always put the interests of agents in the first place, many years of marketing management experience, find out a set of mature business, enterprise win-win mode, ensure the sustainable development of the company。
2、Brand advantage:
      Company route to cater to the market demand, and with the country driven policy, ahead of the market perspective, the brand has occupied the leading position in the market。
3、The quality advantage:
      The company has a professional production line, not only to ensure the product technology, guarantee product quality.
4、Technical advantage:
      Company R & D and production and sales in one, so in the R & D products into more manpower and financial resources, the research team of professional.
5、Marketing advantage:
      Perfect marketing system, built from the agent to the final profit, the company sent the person responsible for the market guidance, to ensure that product sales on the rise.
6、Publicity advantage:
      Powerful advertising campaign, a full range of product packaging, binding agents the actual market conditions, using a variety of means of publicity, propaganda in place to ensure that the terminal。
7、Human resources:
      The company has a group of high-quality, high capacity, high educated people, they have to join, make the enterprise constantly toward a higher, farther in the direction of development.
1、Professional business:
     To the spirit of professional development, production, sales of products bamboo products, achieve market leadership efforts in this area;
2、Brand strategy:
     The speed of product development, improve product quality, perfect and unified image, improve after-sales service, and strive to become China's famous brand;
3、Loyalty marketing:
     Loyalty to provide a series of service and stable quality, value for money products and fast, perfect for dealers and consumers;
4、A win-win marketing:
     The relationship between the guide to a win-win marketing strategic thinking and dealing with partners, customers win first, long-term cooperation is the company has consistently adhered to the principle and the long pursuit of the goal;
5、Service concept:
     The company always adhere to customer first, service first principle of service, only the service to let consumers and dealers have no worries to ensure customers real satisfaction.